About Us

Omeed Ki Kiran Foundation is a social, non-Profitable and non-governmental Organization in the field of Health, established by Mr. Imran A. Khan. The foundation is registered with Registrar joint stock companies and societies under societies act XXI, 1860 & Health Care Commission (HCC) government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and certified by Pakistan Center for Philanthropy (PCP Islamabad) and recognized NPO (Non-Profit Organization) by Federal Board of Revenue (FBR, Pakistan) under section 2 (36) of income tax ordinance 2001 and member of Thalassaemia Federation of Pakistan. Omeed Ki Kiran Foundation has a Gynae Welfare Hospital and Thalassaemia/ Dialysis Center in Mardan, The hospital is providing health services to poor and vulnerable patients suffering from deadly disease of Thalassaemia and general patients, (CRF)Gynae-Obs services round the clock for women and Hemo-Dialysis for chronicrenal failures without any discrimination of race, color, religious or ethnic community of region. The hospital isequipped with latest and according to international standard, under supervision of qualified and expert staff.

Omeed Ki Kiran Foundation has nearly planning to purchase own land for construction of hospital building where, all facilities are available and to be equipped with latest equipments, Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy center to established under one roof. 

Omeed Ki Kiran Foundation facilitating the poor patients in the following sectors.

  1. Thalassaemia Unit is providing screened and properly cross matched packed cells Blood Transfusions, and necessary medications free of cost/ zero charges. This unit is treating 500 patients, majority of which are Thalassaemic and the remaining include patients with other blood disorders like, A Plastic Anemia, Glanzmann thrombasthenia, Haemophilia etc.

  2. The Gynae-Obs Unit is facilitating general and Gynae patients. It conducts round the clock delivery facilities to needy and poor patients at welfare rates. General routine laboratory investigations and ultrasound facilities are available.

  3. The Hemo-Dialysis unit is providing Hemo-Dialysis to Chronic Renal Failure/ End Stage Renal Disease patients at welfare rates. Those poor patients who cannot afford the Dialysis fee are facilitated by this unit by providing dialysis at zero charges. In general patients of chronic kidney disease need dialysis on regular basis twice a week. Even a single session of dialysis need costly reagents and also equipment. Our Dialysis unit is providing such facilities free of cost and at welfare rates as explained above.

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