Blood Donors Cell


  1. To Screen the Donors who are donating Blood.
  2. To aware the Donors about blood donation and its effects on donors.
  3. To facilitate the donors with treatments in case any donor suffers from infectious disease.
  4. To facilitate the Donors with Blood Grouping and Anti HBS, HCV, VDRL & HIV AIDs tests.
The blood donor’s cell has a vast number of Blood donors who belong to different communities, institutions and societies. The blood donor cell has prime responsibility to mobilize the community and arrange blood camps for thalassaemia patients and to arrange awareness sessions on blood donation and to elaborate the importance of blood donation its benefits and effects on donors. The blood donor cell has the responsibility to provide the reports in time to donors usually within two days after completing screening of donated blood. Those donors who are positive for Hepatitis virus,HIV,Syphilis are facilitated for further investigations and treatment

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