Executive and Management

Omeed Ki Kiran Foundation Executive

Imran Ahmad Khan Chairman
Naeem Ahmad Khan Secretary General
Fateh Muhammad Manager Admin & Finance
Miss. Dur-e-smeen Imran Sec, Gender & Development
Mr. Zulfiqar Sec, Human Rights
6 Mr. Nouman Ahmad khan Sec, Planning & HRD
Miss. Kanwal Maqsood Sec, Office & Administration
Junaid Habib Sec, Information & Media
Miss. Uzma Noreen  Sec, coordination

Gynae Welfare Hospital & Thalasseamia Center Management

1 Rooh-ul-Amin Managing Director
2 Dr. Noor Ahmad MBBS  Medical Officer
3 Dr. Naseem MBBS   Medical Officer
4 Dr. Aman ul Mulk Doctor Homeopathic Medicine (DHM)
5 Dr. Kalsoom Gynaecologist
6 Dr. Hina Arshid Gynaecologist
7 Muhammad Kausor Laboratory Technician
8 Fazal Ahad Laboratory Technician
9 Arif ur Rehman Laboratory Technician
10 Zuhra Bibi Staff Nurse
11 Hansa Staff Nurse
12 Nabila Staff Nurse
13 Bas Jehan Staff Nurse
14 Sabiha Akhtar Lady Health Visitor (LHV)
15 Madina Bibi Lady Health Visitor (LHV)
16 Ruqia Bibi Lady Health Visitor (LHV)
17 Reema Gul Assistant
18 Muhammad Ashraf Assistant
19 Manzoor Amin IT Engineer
20 Zubair Aman Computer Operator
21 Mr. Muhammad Iqbal Assistant
22 Sher Muhammad Assistant
23 Miss. Siman Gill Assistant
24 Mr. Sehroon Gill Assistant

The organization has developed the following committees for accuracy and smooth running.

  • Blood Donors Cell
  • Thalassaemia Awareness Cell
  • Public Relations Cell
  • Disciplinary Action Committee
  • Purchase Committee
  • Inquiry Committee (In order to implement “Protection against Harassment of Women at the Workplace Act. 2010″)
  • Waste Management Committee
  • Strategic Committee

OKF Staff Profiles

Mr Imran A. Khan Chairman

Dept: Administration
Cell: +92-300-5728343
Tel: +92-937-876329
Email: okf.org@gmail.com

Mr Rooh-ul-Amin Managing Director

Dept: Administration
Cell: +92-300-5723523
Tel: +92-937-876329
Email: okf.org@gmail.com

Dr Noor Ahmad M.O/Administrator

Dept: Administration
Cell: +92-321-9883619
Tel: +92-937-876329
Email: okf_org@yahoo.com

Miss Zohra Bibi Chairperson Inquiry Commitee

Dept:- Inquiry Commitee
Cell:- +92-937-876329
Tel:- +92-937-876329
Email:- okf.org@gmail.com
Skype :

Mr Fazal Ahad Manager Purchase Committee

Dept: Purchase Committee
Cell: +92-937-876329
Tel: +92-937-876329

Nauman Ahmad Khan Coordinator Blood Donor

Dept: BDS
Cell: +92-937-876329
Tel: +92-937-876329
Email: okf.org@gmail.com

M. Kausar Coordinator (PRC)

Dept: C
Cell: +92-937-876329
Tel: +92-937-876329

Dr Hina Arshid Coordinator (TAC)

Cell: +92-937-876329
Tel: +92-937-876329

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