Dialysis Welfare Center

In July, 2018 Mr. Imran A. Khan Founder & Chairman Omeed Ki Kiran Foundation has decided to play a part for the poor dialysis patients and Open a Dialysis Welfare Center in Mardan, KP to provide free dialysis facilities to these helpless patients.

In Pakistan different kinds of fatal diseases are spreading day by day. One of them is chronic renal failure which has damaged a lot. According to a research done by “WHO” (World Health Organization) Pakistan is now among the top ten countries of the world regarding the progression of renal diseases. One out of every ten persons in Pakistan is facing some kind of renal problem which is a very alarming situation for an underdeveloped country like Pakistan. The Govt. of Pakistan is unable to provide health facilities for such a great number of patients who are suffering from renal diseases because of its limited health budget. Therefore the death toll is increasing day by day. The health facilities for dialysis are not sufficient for so many patients in the Govt. sector hospitals. Thousands of people are in a queue, waiting for free dialysis facility in Govt. hospitals. Many of them die because of this expensive treatment and which they cannot afford, for this purpose Omeed Ki Kiran Foundation established Dialysis Welfare Center in Mardan, KP for poor patients of Kidney failure. It’s a ray of hope for needy patients of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.


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