Objectives of Omeed ki kiran Foundation


To serve humanity and bring a hope of life among deprived peoples who are in sufferings


Mission: To ensure free & standard health service for Vulnerable and poor people, prevention of the thalassaemia and gynae-obs. services for all women

To ensure equal rights of Children such Health, Education Clean Drinking water, to protect the child from abuse and child Labour.



  1. To ensure free cure to children through welfare hospital & thalassaemia center.
  2. To ensure standard health services for poor & vulnerable people with kidney failures and  deadly disease of thalassaemia
  3. Protection of human rights and clean and clear environment
  4. Peace & security, Legal Aid, HRD & Political Education
  5. Free Medical Camps, Emergency Relief and rehabilitation 


Focus on:
(1) Water supplies,infrastructure & sanitation. 
(2) Youth, women and child rights. 
(3) Human and Institutional Development. 
(4) Fights against social evils like beggary, drug addiction and child labour.

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