Walfare Hospital & Thalassaemia Center

Welfare Hospital & Thalassaemia Center
Omeed Ki Kiran Foundation has a Welfare Hospital and Thalassaemia Center in Mardan. The hospital is providing health services to poor and vulnerable patients suffering from the deadly disease of Thalassaemia and general patients of region. Omeed Ki Kiran Foundation is a safe blood transfusion,   hemathalogical center, which register the new and old patients of thalassaemia without any discrimination of race, color, religious or ethnic community of region.

Objectives of OKF Welfare Hospital and Thalassaemia

  1. To provide free of cost blood/products services to the registered and non-registered patients of thalassaemia and other blood disorders.
  2. To provide free blood services to the patients in emergency and other patients of government and private hospitals.
  3. To provide free medical services to these area where medical facilities are rear.
  4. To promote awareness regarding blood/sexually transmitted diseases to the community.
  5. To promote awareness regarding prevention, care and cure about blood disorders, STIs/STDs and reproductive Health.
  6. To prevent infections and diseases caused by blood transfusion and provide safe and screened blood transfusion services to the patients.
  7. To facilitate the social acceptability of thalassaemia patients such they are able to lead normal like other member of the society.
  8. To extend blood donation service facilities to all the district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.
  9. To formulate effective suggestion for change of public policy regarding care of existing thalassaemia cases and birth of new cases to be reduced.
  10. To strengthen the institution for implementation of polices regarding safe blood transfusion and extend all possible cooperation and coordination towards such esteemed organization.
  11. To support initiatives for sustainable community based gender sensitive development with particular focus on Health facilities and primary health care.
  12. To support and develop replicable models and strategies for sustainable development based at grass root level on active community participation and local resources mobilization for health related issues.
  13. To render Pakistan a thalassaemia free region.

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